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Taste Marketing Excellence

Retail environment is changing rapidly! Consumers expect accessibility to their Products of Interest with maximum content, 24/7 and at all relevant touchpoints. The complexity of taste categories such as wine impede quick consumer action and lengthen the purchase process. Marketing potentials have not been exhausted

As experts in taste marketing, we lead your consumers quickly and efficiently to recommended products and increase your customers lifetime and value.

The basis for sustainable and profitable growth in all sales channels.

HENRY – Reco Engine

The HENRY recommendation engine combines a technical background with marketing and emotional components for best results.

To maximize satisfaction consumers receive real-time personalized shopping experiences 24/7.

The taste algorithm is autodidactic and its scalability limitless, therefore apt for all types of products in taste-centric categories

Import of your Product Portfolio

Easy implementation in existing infrastructure

Adjustment to your desired CI-Design

On-site Installation and Maintenance

PIM / Product Content Management

Our clients benefit from high quality data standards and process centralization leading to costy-saving synergy effects that are out of reach of „Do-it-yourself“ methods. We record all relevant product information for content and story creation.

Consistently high data quality

Content for Storytelling

Flexible usage for channels & media

Decrease of processing costs

Data Analytics & Portfolio Management

We expertly execute the analysis of your data with highly professional security standards. Together we will achieve the optimal ways of tackling the potential of your clients, portfolio and marketing systems.

Flexible portfolio optimization

Personalized CRM & seasonal promotions

Maximum advertising effectiveness through all channels

Up- & Cross-Selling

Omnichannel Marketing

360°- marketing solutions through optimized connectivity of all sales channels. Consumers experience their journey anywhere & at any time. We support you also with our graphics, technical and marketing expertise.

Unified communication through all touchpoints

Consultancy & conception of omnichannel solutions

Professional project management

On-site installation and maintenance

Execution of progamming and graphical services,
such as Shop and App development

We have built a highly professional and experienced team to guarantee perfect execution of all disciplines:

Our recipe

4 Pillars to Success

Our actions aim to increase customer satisfaction. Consistently accurate recommendations have proven to increase customer lifetime and value which deliver the basis to amortize the investments in the digital business. We provide highly flexible content usage and excellent data quality together with optimized processes. Not only does this benefit you in lower costs but also in a better differentiation from your competition.

Fact is, sales have increased for all our clients.

increse customer satisfaction


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Our actions aim to increase customer satisfaction. Consistently accurate recommendations have proven to increase customer lifetime and value. Enthusiastic, inspired consumers spend more on individual purchases. The acquisition costs of new customers are incomparably high and often dont bear fruits due to low loyalty and an increasingly competitive retail market. With our expertise and individually adapted shopping experiences we capably convert buyers to loyal customers. The complexity and variety of taste categories ultimately become your competitive advantage!

improved data quality

Improved Data Quality

You benefit from optimized processes as well as greater and more sustainable data qua lity. Your data gains in accessibility and usability through cost-efficient centralization and standardization. Our partnership with renowned experts in the field enables us to optimize product content management specifically to your company nurturing only the data that is relevant to you and your

Decrese cost

Decrease Costs

As a by-product of our services, you save costs and working hours. At the same time, you receive the most important results needed in the digital era to profitably pursue higher standards in portfolio management, QA and marketing.

increased sales

Increased Sales

Markets are saturated and companies fight aggressively to gain market shares. Besides increasing customer lifetime and value – especially selling higher value products improve your companiesmarket and profit position. Together we set goals serving consumer & company at the same time.We deliver measurable success. Continue to contact..

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